Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe

By Cameron Crowe

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Nebula Awards Showcase 2000: The Year's Best SF and Fantasy Chosen by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

The Nebula Awards are the Academy Awards of technological know-how fiction: the best works within the style every year as voted through the participants of SFWA, the technology Fiction and delusion Writers of the United States. Nebula Awards show off 2000 is a thought-provoking and interesting quantity of and approximately technological know-how fiction. Editor Gregory Benford speaks of the interplay among technology fiction and technological know-how over the last century; editors and authors Jonathan Lethem, Gordon Van Gelder, George Zebrowski, David Hartwell, and invoice Warren discuss-and disagree about-science fiction's position within the higher literary scene; authors William Tenn and Hal Clement are venerated; and award-winning tales are offered by way of Sheila Finch, Jane Yolen, Bruce Holland Rogers, Joe Haldeman (an excerpt from his novel endlessly Peace), Geoffrey A.

A Disgraceful Affair: Stories (Harper Perennial Classic Stories)

The fast works of Dostoevsky exist within the very huge shadow of his wonderful longer novels, yet they too are between literature's such a lot respected works and supply keys to realizing the subjects in his longer works. Contained during this quantity are the fast tales "White Nights," "A Disgraceful Affair," and "The Dream of the Ridiculous Man," 3 of Dostoevsky's such a lot troubling, relocating, and poignant works.

Implied Spaces (Singularity)

Aristide, a semi-retired machine scientist became swordsman, is a pupil of the implied areas, looking which means amid the injuries of structure in a universe the place truth itself has been sculpted and designed by way of superhuman laptop intelligence. whereas exploring the pre-technological international Midgarth, certainly one of 4 dozen pocket universes created inside of a sequence of gigantic, orbital matrioshka computing device arrays, Aristide uncovers a fiendish plot threatening to trigger a nightmare state of affairs, maybe even bringing concerning the final Existential problem: the tip of civilization itself.

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She speaks the word. PENNY Leslie. Russell nods. The name is out in the open. Leslie. Leslie. Leslie. Leslie. PENNY (cont'd) Leslie. Leslie. Leslie. Leslie. RUSSELL (somehow satisfied) Alright - now we're talking. But she continues, saying the name in a multitude of different ways, in different accents, and with different degrees of indifference and passion and lust and play-acting and mockdrama. PUSH IN ON HIS FACE As he listens and studies this ethereal creature for meaning. Is she mocking him?

Everybody is free and anonymous in the dark. They sing at full-volume. William looks out the window in wonder. ZEPPELIN/ALL "Way down inside... (woman) woman... you need... " The ten-ton guitar chord of Jimmy Page. ZEPPELIN/ALL (cont'd) "Loooooooooooooooooooooooovvve... " John Bonham's drums thunder through the bus, everybody still singing as they dip down into the city ahead, Phoenix. William watches the living documentary around him. He writes furiously in the green notebook, scribbling in the dark, trying to steady his writing on the bumpy bus.

Privately) Marc Bolan. Please. Other band members pass, adjusting clothes for show time, waiting in the hallway... " RUSSELL Come on, let's go. (noting kid's shyness) Both of you. 30 INT. BACKSTAGE -- NIGHT 30 House lights go down. Cheers rise. Dick's flashlight dances on the ground just in front of them, guiding their way in the dark to the stage steps. RUSSELL - get in the huddle. Russell pulls William into the band's huddle. SHOT LOOKING UP AT THEM Their band ritual, psyching together, arms on each other's shoulders in a circle.

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