Airpower in Three Wars (WWII, Korea, Vietnam) by Gen William W. Momyer

By Gen William W. Momyer

E-book by means of Momyer, William M.

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Bomber Command was profoundly shocked by the experience of December 18. Ludlow-Hewitt flew from his headquarters to 3 Group in Norfolk in order to hear first hand accounts from the survivors. Austere and somewhat ethereal looking, as though he were a great conductor or concert violinist rather than a warrior, Ludlow-Hewitt was an immensely sensitive man. A devout Christian Scientist and a teetotaller, he cared deeply for his men and felt their losses personally. He often rang squadron leaders to pass on his condolences.

As the shoots and buds of spring began to show themselves Bomber Command sat in the proud position of being the weapon which would take the war to the heart of Germany. Bombed, rationed, and alone the British people were spoiling for the chance of cheering on the boys who could hit back at the Nazi empire. Though bomber production was indeed picking up pace this was not entirely good news for Bomber Command. Many bombers never actually arrived. Instead they were consigned to the Middle East, the only theatre where British ground troops were taking on the Axis, and Coastal Command.

Many years after the war Robert Kee was not surprised to learn how inaccurate most RAF bombing was. But this was the force the British people had to rely on during long nights of standing alone against Nazism. Winter weather with its cold and storms grounded much of Bomber Command. This gave it a chance to recover from the exertions of the autumn. With spring came the chance to relaunch the campaign in what appeared to be much better circumstances. For a start there were no allies to be helped strategically or tactically, and there was no military action in the west demanding direct intervention from the Command.

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