Against Liberalism, 1st Edition by John Kekes

By John Kekes

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Jürgen Habermas: Democracy and the Public Sphere (Modern European Thinkers)

Habermas is a highly influential philosopher, but his writing could be dense and inaccessible. This severe creation bargains undergraduates a transparent manner into Habermas’s idea of the ‘public sphere’ and its relevance to modern society. Luke Goode’s vigorous account additionally sheds new mild at the ‘public sphere’ debate that would curiosity readers already accustomed to Habermas’s paintings.

Democracy in a Technological Society

This 9th quantity is without doubt one of the so much arnbitious within the Philosophy and expertise sequence. Edited by way of technopolitical thinker Langdon Winner, it assembles a powerful selection of philosophers and political theorists to debate some of the most very important issues of the top of the 20 th century - the bearing of expertise, in all its rarnifica­ tions, at the perform of democratic politics within the constructed international.

The truth about Leo Strauss : political philosophy and American democracy, 0th Edition

Is  Leo Strauss actually an highbrow forebear of neoconservatism and a strong strength in shaping Bush management overseas coverage? the reality approximately Leo Strauss places this query to relaxation, revealing for the 1st time how the preferred media got here to perpetuate such an oversimplified view of any such advanced and wide-ranging thinker.

The State in the Third Millennium

Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein is ready to examine the fashionable geographical region from many alternative angles: as a head of nation; as a political candidate, who needed to win renowned votes in a right away democracy; as a businessman lively in several continents; and as an historian who has studied the effect of army expertise, transportation and the economic climate at the workings of the kingdom.

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It is also to benefit from greater trust and discretion at work. It is to enjoy in a major aspect of everyday life a sense of effective agency. It is to act according to a view of one’s job lying somewhere between the ancient conception of the honorable calling and the modern idea of transformative power. Four typical situations The contrast between vanguard and rearguard presents itself now in four typical ways throughout the world. These ways differ according to two criteria: whether the division between vanguard and rearguard takes hold in the conditions of a relatively rich or a relatively poor country, and whether it is compensated by a countervailing device or allowed to operate unhindered.

Like the rich country’s counterweight to the contrast between vanguard and rearguard the universalistic, redistributive welfare state it 38 VANGUARDS AND REARGUARDS lacks an intimate connection with the conditions of economic growth and cultural innovation. The significance of this disconnection becomes clearer when related to the modern European experiences and debates about the alternative forms of industrial society. The idea of a decentralized market economy based upon competition and cooperation among smallscale owners and entrepreneurs was the single most persistent alternative to the concentrated forms of economic power with which we have come to associate "modern capitalism" and its characteristic forms of largescale organization.

We do not need to choose between a low-energy institutionalized politics and a highenergy extra-institutional or anti-institutional politics of personal leadership and energized crowds. The political thinking of democratic experimentalism begins in the rejection of this choice. Insight into false necessity informs the practice of democratic PLAN OF THE BOOK 27 experimentalism and helps generate the concept of alternative pluralisms. This concept applies the stricture against institutional fetishism to the diagnosis of our present situation.

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