Advances in Metallurgical and Mining Engineering by Edited by Hongxi Zhu Linjiang Wang

By Edited by Hongxi Zhu Linjiang Wang

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From Fig. 06[5]. The calculating results are consistent with the former references [3-5]. Hongxi Zhu and Linjiang Wang 33 MgO is an alkaline oxide, it can destroy composite Al-O and Si-O anions to small ones, the free O2- content of in slag decreases, thus the NFetO decreases. When the MgO content is excessively high, there will be much high melting point compounds such as melilite, magnesium olivine and dicalcium silicate in the slag, it makes the free O2- content of reduced, thus the NFetO in slag decreases.

Yasutoshi, K. Kenta,et al. ISIJ International Vol. 38(1998), P. 1147 [10] T. Yoshinori, M. Kazuki, S. Nobuo. 37(1997), P. 956 [11] R. L. Kwang, S. Hidekaki. Metallurgical and Materials Transaction B Vol. 25B(1994), P. 893 [12] E. T. Turkdogan, J. Pearsom. 173(1953), P. 217 [13] R. Schuhmann, P. J. Ensio. Met. Soc. 191(1951), P. 401 [14] Kai Tang, Guochang Jiang, Guozhi Zhou, Weizhong Ding, Fushen Li, Kuangdi Xu. 36(2000), P. 502(In Chinese). [15] Jian Zhang. Journal of Iron and Steel Research International Vol.

After flushing the reaction chamber for 1 hour, the flow rate of argon gas was reduced. 2 L/min) was maintained during the entire course of the experiment. The suspension link was rigidly mounted on a movable platform above the furnace so that it could be adjusted to be aligned to the crucible. 5 cm. The graphite crucible with the slag sample was then positioned in the even temperature zone of the furnace. The slag was heated to a desired temperature at a heating rate of 5 K/min and held at that temperature for 30 minutes to reach thermal equilibration.

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