A who's who of the British secret state by Stephen Dorril

By Stephen Dorril

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40,GOI/ER}II{EI{T JOUR}IATIST }IE[S CflRO}IICI,E 4O-46 SERIJICE' SPEC IAt OPERAT IO}IS EXEC. B[AC[ DUSSETDORT rc0 S RAI{SET S 55 69 , [AI,E, IIO}IEI, BATI,IOT COil 62 aAG0ARD 1Sr LAIER C0U[SEil,0R rco [;-t6 lfi109 D. IPUR. 79-89 [}{ I'0RcEs FO CRADE 5 OTF'ICER B BRAIICI BRITIS[ I{IDDI,E EAST OFTICE 19{7-49 il{ , I,E St IE DAI/ID ? )' 50 54 , A I,EGAI, DIIIISIOII SECTIO}I 6 [EIT[ BERI,I}I GHYER [[2 53 COLO}IIAI, OITICE 5{-61 flil0cs 53 r0 5 [0]{6 [0il0 67 lST SEC, r0 O [UA[A 74 rco 77 1ST SEC. _ [I[, 55 }IICOS c0ul{ERcrAr, ATTACHE IRA}rrA}r 5 66 56 -6 IR JUTIA}I ,, , HE}IRI BALLIO['Coil, OI(F: I l HIf I'oRCES 1931''EDII0R,0F'C0[0URI,,,";,..

PATRICI IIICIAEI, I,EIGI . I{EilBEN B;In/{1 19 58 - 12 ? SIIRGEO}I IT-COIIIIDR, N}IIIR , {-{9 CAIRO SA}IDIUNST 1912-16 3 IIEDICAI, RESEARCI COUI{CI[ DIR. CIEI{ICAI, BACTERIOI,OOI {9I{ED ICAI, RE$EARCI COUilCII. TORIII{O rOR ilI6 AI{D I{I5 AT PORTOII DOTil (B} 1939 {O { (TREDERTCT} I{AJ, UIII, OITORD r{r6 l{16 SEC. PARI$ [IS[l{At{, IACI . 9 56 0 }IORIIAY fi fljiffffiflifff$'ntufTjlft nI'! _qI Il-5{ sz iliilfl,f,, 19 l9 0 tr'I, iAf ffiilf,fld'Tfl"''fl EXIt[s [IT) , 191 o's ; )'s 19{7 ilfiffi 73 76 79 , c0I, R0GER 82- 3!

D-qQIvlcIE! eJ^p i rAn0r,D crAnms r,ErRs _lttsl aa ($rm rrusrlr {EI roRRlusl i (P) r-{5 r. EC. ROllE [OS----Y'! r--" Russ rAlrs It{lER:lEIy]rys rlArs0tr- DEpr uv' ' {l f;flil*filg,ogfiilflf,rrrrrrD GIBI PArRrCr B;-T |#/rRrcrAnD OART rcfi BR00[s tfEl_B-En__sr0cr ExcrAlrGE 11lDttt;EsuT il. El{ leJj ll {q GIFTI fu*i8('dili: oli, 15 -1 9 ni'ox-itt-fi'""' --v' cm{il, s;-pfifls0fr-iui'iiififins t{AJ, rnAilr IARR ll19_ t! ,{zu pI flArr0il {o- 3 rArr,ru}r ryU_AI irrrrnTun-viduT" 1ls[n] neefteu r'J['o[iff' fffi:19 ii,il B, 4110', (GRATAI{} ' sECIIol{ D _ 4}{Cr0 -R ot{Ail IEAD GIEil, rAt{ BAt{fi -tP"EC-lAr, 0PERArr0fls EXEC, [R rs r .

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