A Theory of Republican Character and Related Essays by Wendell John Coats Jr.

By Wendell John Coats Jr.

This e-book is a set of 4 essays and shorter items which are associated with the subject of Republican personality in addition to protecting such various issues as liberal arts eduction and American safety coverage.

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We need not care about how much power is delegated to outlying bodies, and how much is kept for the central body. We have had the instruction municipalities could give us; we have been through all of that. Now we are quite grown up, and can put away childish things. ([1 865] 1 964, 265) The American Progressive Reform movement included contradictory tendencies. Some involved widespread changes in state constitutions reaching to local systems of government, and others involved centralizing administrative authority in chief executives.

Creative efforts require a positive knowledge of prevail­ ing conditions and how those might be transformed by intelligible actions. For the people of New York, the process of change was concerned with crafting a body of common knowledge and shared community of under­ standing about patterns of social accountability in what would become a limited national government, to be identified as the Government of the United States of America. Rather than relying on a system of command and control associated with exigencies of accident and force, the basic principle used in conceptu­ alizing the design of the American system of governance drew on Mon­ tesquieu's concept of "using power to check power" ([1 748] 1 966, 200) as a fundamental constitutive principle.

The line of succession to those who promise "liberation" and "sal­ vation" is inevitably plagued by the fragile character of human mortality. Promises are rationalized as leaders succeed one another, inevitably giving way to temptations to win and to enjoy the fruits of victory. The world of politics is likely to attract both those who presume to know the Truth and seek to lead others to Salvation and those who are attracted by the fruits of victory like bees to a pot of honey on a warm summer day.

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