A Shifter Christmas by Stephani Hecht

By Stephani Hecht

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Plus, I was worried about the humans getting harmed,” Noah defended, his gut clenching in the way it always did when someone he cared for got angry with him. Andrew moved in even closer and put a hand on Noah’s shoulder. Giving him a not-so-gentle shake, Andrew said, “I wasn’t there when they rescued you, but I heard about what Declan did to you. How you barely lived through it. ” “No, I don’t,” Noah replied honestly. That earned him another shake. ” “I already told you. ” Noah jerked, surprised at the raw hurt in Andrew’s question.

Me,” Noah answered with unwavering certainty. While he’d been captive, the leader of a flock of Ravens had taken a sadistic interest in Noah. Even after he’d been rescued and taken into the fold of the feline coalition, the Raven continued to try and get Noah back. Last Noah heard, the bounty for his recapture had reached six figures. “They can’t have you. Not when I’ve almost gotten used to listening to you yammering all the time,” Andrew growled as he moved around to stand in front of Keegan and Noah.

Release the safety,” Noah suggested, gently. A commotion on the opposite end of the hallway diverted their attention. Noah cursed when he saw a fresh group of Ravens coming. “Great now we’re boxed in, “Andrew yelled. ” “Okay, although they probably already figured out something is going on. ” Noah asked Andrew. Andrew just gave him one of those grins. Noah noticed that he still wore those stupid sunglasses. Even with the tension and fear, Noah found himself smiling back. Strangely enough, at that moment, he’d never felt closer to Andrew.

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