A Manual of Ugaritic by Pierre Bordreuil

By Pierre Bordreuil

Second printing!
Pierre Bordreuil and Dennis Pardee are of the best-known students doing examine at the language and texts of the traditional urban of Ugarit (modern inform Ras Shamra). This grammar was once first released in French in 2004 in volumes; and Eisenbrauns is happy to make it to be had now in a corrected and up to date model, in a single quantity, with major improvements. as well as together with all the details found in the French version, this English version features a CD with an entire, hyperlinked PDF model of the grammar.

The ebook incorporates a ancient creation to the texts and language, the booklet features a comic strip of the grammar of Ugaritic, a bibliography, facsimiles (hand-copies) of a few texts, and a thesaurus and textual content concordance--in brief, every thing pupil wishes for entrée into the language. at the CD, as well as the PDF, colour images of the entire texts incorporated within the booklet are supplied. The links to the PDF let the reader to maneuver simply from the dialogue within the grammar to a duplicate of a textual content to the colour picture of the textual content and again back, making the fabric even more obtainable and usable for college kids and researchers.

Pierre Bordreuil inaugurated a chair in Ugaritic on the Écoles des langues et civilisations orientales on the Institut catholique de Paris. Dennis Pardee teaches within the Dept. of close to jap Languages and Civilizations on the Oriental Institute of the collage of Chicago.

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The dual morpheme was probably attached to the singular stem, masculine or feminine. , ¨m ‘mother’), while the plural morphemes do not correspond in 4. , grnt [pl. of grn, ‘threshing-floor’, a masculine noun]). 3. Grammatical Number Singular, dual, and plural are productive number categories, marked by variations in the case-vowel, with affixation of -m to the dual and plural (for the problem of the quality of the vowel after this -m on the dual, see Huehnergard 1987: 298, who posits that it was originally /i/ on the dual, /a/ on the plural; pending future data, we have consistently indicated it as /-ma/).

Mk b sbº ymm ‘A day [even two . . ]. A third, even a fourth day. . A fifth, even a sixth day. . [004] i 5u–15u). , /hanna yôma wa tanâ/), while the last one is appropriately in the genitive because preceded by the preposition b. 016:49 [cf. Pardee 1976: 302]). 024):2–5 {hms- . kkrm . º kbªdº (3) tlt . l . nskm . b¡rtym (4) bd . ¨rtn . w . tt . m™t . brr (5) b . tmnym . ksp tltt . kbd} /hamisu kakkaruma ªalpu kubda taltu lê nasikima biªiratiyyima bîdê ªurtena wa tittu miªati baruru bi tamaniyima kaspi talatati kubda/ ‘5 talents, 1,000 (shekels) (3) of copper for the founders of Biªiratu, (4) entrusted to ªUrtenu, and 600 (shekels) of tin, (5) for 83 (shekels) of silver’.

2f. 3m. 3f. 1c. 2m. 2f. 3m. 3f. s. s. du. pl. (hmt). , direct object of a transitive verb: [kbd hyt /kabbida hiyati/ ‘honor her’ (2 RS 4. 322 iii 37 = CTA 19:143]). The 1st- and the 2nd-person forms consist, as in most of the Semitic languages, of a deictic element ™n followed by the pronominal element proper (the /n/ assimilates to the following consonant except in the 1st person). The vocalization of these forms may thus be approximated as: 1st- and 2nd-Person Pronouns Sg. Du. Pl. ). The 3rd-person-singular forms consist of an augmented form of the primitive pronouns, /hu/ Æ /huwa/, /hi/ Æ /hiya/.

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