A Look at Cash Compensation for Active Duty Military by Beth J. Asch

By Beth J. Asch

Precisely how much cash do the common officials and enlisted body of workers make each month?

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Amt. Marine Corps Pct. Rec’g Avg. $ Amt. Navy Pct. Rec’g Avg. $ Amt. 1—continued Army Type of Pay Parachute Duty Pay Flight Deck Duty Pay Demolition Duty Pay Experimental Stress Duty Pay Toxic Fuels Duty Pay High-Altitude Low Opening Pay Chemical Munitions Duty Pay Average S&I Pays a FSA I FSA II CONUS COLA Overseas COLA Clothing/Uniform Allowance Personal Money Allowance Avg Misc Allowance/ COLAs a Nuclear Officer Accession Bonus Medical Officer Retention Bonus Nuclear Career Accession Bonus Nuclear Career Annual Incentive Bonus Additional Special Pay, Medical Officer Incentive Special Pay, Medical Officer Nuclear-Qualified Officer Continuation Aviation Officer Continuation Average Bonus a Air Force Pct.

Unlike in the Air Force, pay variation due to RMC is more prominent in YOS 1–8, while variation arising from bonuses is less prominent. This difference traces to the Air Force’s slower promotion tempo; Army personnel reach E-5 about two years sooner than Air Force personnel, and at YOS 1–8 there is more diversity of rank in the Army than in the Air Force. The Army also appears to make more use of S&I pays during YOS 10–20 than does the Air Force, as variation caused by S&I pay is greater in the Army over those years.

Any description that indicated support or maintenance of aircraft was also included. Again, the profiles are nearly identical. Therefore, any S&I pay differences across these occupations are dominated on average by similarities in other pay components. 15—Average Enlisted Pay by Year of Service and IT-Occupational Category, 1999 ing retention and grade mix at each year of service, which influences the average pay level at each year of service in the figures. 6 shows the distribution for officers.

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