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As a present checklist of all of C. G. Jung's courses in German and in English, this quantity will exchange the overall bibliography released in 1979 as quantity 19 of the accrued Works of C. G. Jung. within the type of a record, this new quantity files via 1990 the preliminary book of every unique paintings via Jung, each one translation into English, and all major new variations, together with paperbacks and guides in periodicals. The contents of the respective volumes of the accrued Works of C. G. Jung and the Gesammelte Werke (published in Switzerland) are indexed in parallel to teach the interrelation of the 2 versions. Jung's seminars are handled intimately. the place attainable, details is equipped concerning the starting place of works that have been first conceived as lectures. There are indexes of all guides, own names, businesses and societies, and periodicals.

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O f “P re f a to ry N o te ” as E . 1 nine 7 13,15. 19653 L e tte r to th e a u t h o r (7 J u ly 1958), p p . 1 four 1 -4 2 . E d w a rd T h o r n t o n : “J u n g i a n P sy ch o lo g y a n d th e V e d a n ta . ” p p . 1 three 1 -4 2 . Spectrum Psy- x g 6 three f - ig66e chologiae. Eine Freundesgabe. Festschrift z u m 60. Geburtstag C . A . Meier. Ed. by means of C . T . Frey-Wehrlin. Zurich: Rascher. Written in English. 1966a stories, goals, Reflections. Recorded and ed. through Aniela J a f f 6 . Pap e r b a c okay e d n . N e w Y o r okay : V i n t a g e B o o ok s (Div. o f R a n d o m House), p p . 430. E. 1962a (New Y o r ok edn. , i g 6 s paperback) repub. with the f o l l o w i n g addn. : 19. " S e p t e m S e r m o n e s advert Mortuos. " (378-90) E. 1925a repub. C f . h a r d c o v e r , E. 1967a. 1966b Letters to the writer. Miguel Serrano: C. G. Jung and Hermann Hesse. A checklist of 2 Friendships. L o n d o n : R o u t l e d g e 8c ok e g a n Paul. p p . 1 1 2 . 1968: Paperback edn. N e w Y o r okay : Schocken. pp. 1 1 2 . W r i t t e n in English. Letters orig. pub. with Spanish trans, in S e r r a n o , El circulo hermetico, de Hermann Hesse a C. G. Jung, Santia g o (Chile): Z i g Zag, 1965. 1966: (Paperback edn. ) R o u t l e d g e 8c ok e g a n Paul. comprises the subsequent letters by means of J u n g : 1. 14 J a n u a r y i960. (68) Pub. with minor deletions a n d alteration as E. i g 6 o b . 2. 1 6 J u n e i960. (69—70) three. 31 M a r c h i g 6 o . ( 7 four - 7 five ) R e p u b . in E. IG75B. TR. —German: 1973*. four. 14 S e p t e m b e r i g 6 o . (83-88) Repub. in E. i g 7 five b . TR. —Germ a n : 1973a. 1966c "Introduction. " Frances G. Wickes: the interior global of youth. A research in Analytical Psychology, pp. xvii—xxv. Rev. edn. N e w Y o r okay : A p p l e t o n - C e n t u r y . 1968: Paperback edn. (Signet) N e w Y o r ok : N e w A m e r i c a n Library, p p . 304. C W 17,2 repub. unique short model p u b . as E. 1927a. i966d Letter to J a m e s J o y c e (27 Sept. 1932). t Letters ofJames Joyce. Ed. via R i c h a r d Ellmann. Vol. three, pp. 253-54- N e w Y o r ok : V i okay i n g . E. i g five g l , i r e p u b . R e p u b . in C W 15,8, pp. 1 three three - three four a n d E. i g 7 three b . t Date given as "? August 1932. " 1966c " F o r e w o r d . " G e r h a r d A d l e r : reports in Analytical Psychology, p p . three five. N e w edn. L o n d o n : H o d d e r 8c Stoughton. i g 6 7 : N e w Y o r ok : G . P. Putnam's Sons f o r the C . G. J u n g beginning f o r Analytical Psychology. i g 6 g : Paperback edn. N e w Y o r ok : Capricorn. T r a n s . 107 ENGLISH f r o m G. i g five 2 g through R. F. C. Hull. Repub. as C W 18,55. ( l s t L o n d o n & N e w Y o r ok , 1948—lacks Foreword. ) edn. — jg66f The Spirit in guy, artwork, and Literature. ( C W 15. ) See half II. •966g The perform of Psychotherapy. (CW, sixteen. ) 2nd edn. , partly reset, with new a p p e n d i x . See half II. i9 6 7 a thoughts, desires, Reflections. R e c o r d e d a n d ed. through Aniela Jaff£. 4th ptg. N e w Y o r okay : Pantheon (Div. o f R a n d o m House), pp. 430. E. 1962a repub. with related addn. as E. 1966a. 1967b VII Sermones advert Mortuos. The Seven Sermons to the useless Written through Basilides in Alexandria.

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